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Bibliophile Bookshop
251 W. Bute Street, Norfolk, Virginia 23510
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In downtown Norfolk's Freemason Area,6 blocks from MacArthur Mall, 9 blocks from Waterside and within 100 feet of the soon-to-run Light Rail. Located below the Musician's Union. We specialize in General Readership and carry first editions, signed and rare volumes; paperback to leather. Stop in today! Parking available on the street or in a near-by garage.

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Uwe Wilken
Uwe Wilken is the owner of the bookshop. He is originally from Germany, and still speaks German (although he would like more practice). He has lived in California and Colorado for many years. He has an avid interest in photography and metaphysics and was prompted to move to Virgina Beach, in 1981, inspired by the Edgar Cayce Readings. He and his wife, Susan, bought the shop in May, 1996. Come in and enjoy talking about almost anything with him.